Mark Bessemans
Mark Bessemans.


pedagogics (master/UnivGent);
also informatics

photography: autodidact

many thanks to my father
(fine art painter Roger Bessemans)
who teached me to look and to see:
What You Get Is What You See

many thanks to my mother
(fashion designer, Marcelle Thewis)
who inspired me so much!

Why photography:

Photography gives me the opportunity to use a very powerful universal language. Good images have a secret power. They invite to be explored, to go in dialogue. Images that touch you have something in common with poetry, with music and/or with thinking. I always have been fascinated by those images that help to better ubderstand in a rather hollistic way, what really matters.

artistic photography ?

"Images are the reflection of a process of thinking. This is what matters as it comes to photograpy as art.
A photograph is not a piece of art if it's only a techically well brought image. What matters are the ideas that the photographer 'put' in the image ( that are part of the image) and the way he communicates about it." As stated Luuk
Christiaens e.a. (geciteerd uit: Kunst en kunst maken", Luuk Christiaens, BRT-uitgave) kunstbezit in Vlaanderen', ISBN 907036916 8, p. 146)

intro in Nederlands
Mark , painted by his father Roger Bessemans, 1984
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